Food Producers and Cold Storage Distribution Firms

Cold Storage Design and Construction

Our experienced project managers and owners have witnessed the evolution of cold storage construction techniques since the 1960's. Obviously, we have moved forward with continual improvement to keep our clients apprised with the latest technology and insulation materials.
Today, we specify state-of-the-art materials for each client based on the actual needs of the end user. We use criteria such as: desired temperature of the stored product, humidity requirements, in-product temperature, fire-resistant construction, concrete protection, under-floor heat, door management, and many more designs that can be tailored to each client's needs.

Insulated panel construction offers many options for the end users, whether it is cold storage or a refrigerated processing room. Cummins Contracting & Supply's project managers, designers, and installers have years of experience with virtually all types of critically important refrigerated building techniques. Once the project is completed, we can be confident the building will operate as designed... No surprises, because no shortcuts are taken.

Cummins Contracting & Supply is an active member of IACSC (International Association for Cold Storage Construction). IACSC is the only association that offers continuing professional education for the purpose of improving the standards of practice for the cold storage construction industry. IACSC is one of the four core partners in the Global Cold Chain Alliance, along with the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, the World Food Logistics Organization, and the International Refrigerated Transportation Association. The Global Cold Chain Alliance acts as the platform for communication, networking and education for the perishable food industry and we are proud to be a part of it.