Commercial Building Owners

Specialty Building Materials and Construction

Our Commercial Interior Construction Division has been involved in many types of specialty construction over the years. Our project managers and estimators have the experience to assist architects and building owners with designs and construction of materials that enhance the comfort and the function of the building.

We are direct buyers and distributors of the following types of materials:

  1. Acoustical tiles and panels.
  2. Acoustical wall panels and baffles.
  3. Suspended ceiling grid and related installation tools.
  4. Industrial noise control panels and noise deflection solutions.
  5. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels, including adhesives and matching trims. Standard sizes are stocked in our warehouse.
  6. All bathroom partitions, including metal, solid plastic, phenolic, and plastic laminates.
  7. Bathroom accessories and ADA handicap products.
  8. Commercial Flagpoles and Flags.
  9. Extruded foam insulations for freezer floors and roof insulation.
  10. Expanding spray foam insulations. Various sizes available.
  11. Sealants. USDA approved silicone, polyurethanes, self-leveling, butyl caulking and tape.
  12. Flexible ice and water shield, EPDM flashings, and Peel and Seal.
  13. Operable walls and folding doors (room dividers).
  14. Roof hatches and smoke vents.
  15. Fire door activating devices.
  16. Skylights.
  17. USDA approved pre-formed beam covers and pipe bollards. Antimicrobial fiberglass or PVC surface material.

All of these products are available from our stock. We recommend you consider having our experienced crews perform the installation for the items listed above, as each of these items is most often difficult and very critical with regard to building codes and future performance.