Bio-Tech Research Facilities

Arcoplast Antimicrobial Processing and Clean Rooms

The Clean Room Division at Cummins Contracting & Supply specializes in the design and construction of anti-microbial clean rooms. We serve the food industry, medical and animal research (Vivarium), pharmaceutical manufactures, and government agencies requiring BSL-3 and BSL-4 (bio-safety laboratories) high containment facilities.

Cummins Contracting & Supply and Arcoplast Systems offer these critical industries the ability to construct the most uniquely premium and sustainable technically clean high-containment environments.
Our designs include positive-air pressure facilities with clean door systems that interlock electronically. Our constructs utilize sustainable anti-microbial walls and ceilings, biological sealed light fixtures, and anti-microbial floors that bring together the ultimate clean-room environment. We design and provide simple solutions for designated processing and packaging areas, or complex laboratories in biotech facilities.

Arcoplast systems ceilings provide a positive result in helping maintain a clean environment in critical areas of production, packaging, and research. By utilizing biological sealed lighting to improve the clean room efficiency, the Arcoplast ceiling structure limits the growth and harborage of destructive molds and pathogens.

In addition to the anti-microbial wall and ceiling surfaces, Arcoplast also provides insulated beam covers. Beam covers offer a permanent solution against corrosion and structural decay due to the harsh production and processing environments. The "U" and "V" shaped beam covers feature the same high gloss anti-microbial gel coat and are available to accommodate most existing and new structural members. Installation of Arcoplast anti-microbial I-beam industrial covers by specially trained craftsmen from Cummins Contracting & Supply can positively address this negative situation.

Building industrial plants and other institutional facilities has been at the heart of Cummins Contracting for years. It is without compromise that we will promote the most valued design of clean-room requirements in your facility.

In today's high paced business environment, we understand that quality as well as efficiency are important to minimize customer downtime. Our construction team understands that our customers must maintain positive production schedules: we work around those sensitive schedules so that that our customers experience minimal interruptions in production.